Asset Exchange

Panorama Swap facilitates the seamless and permissionless swapping of any digital asset on the Aleph Zero blockchain. The on-chain logic ensures that your swap is handled and executed the way you would expect it to. We chose to build on Aleph Zero because of its incredibly fast throughput and sub-second block finality, ensuring fast settlement and a high quality user experience.
Users could swap and exchange PSP22 tokens seamlessly and all the transaction details will be presented to the user dynamically.
  • APPROVE function - user have to invoke the "approve" function to give the trading pair smart contract the approval to use X amount of tokens in the name of the user. Each successful swap, the allowance of the trading pair smart contract will deduct therefore the user most "approve" again in order to be able to swap again.
  • PRICE IMPACT - The price impact value, is the % difference between the old price (before swap) to the new price after successful swap (post swap).
  • SLIPPAGE - slippage is the difference between the expected price of an order and the price when the order actually executes, users can set slippage tolerance % in order to set the maximum amount of tokens the user is willing to lose.
When you make a swap in a Panorama swap, the transaction is also charged a LP fee on top of the AZERO you need in order to interact with smart contracts.
0.3% - 3% is distributed to liquidity providers. (we delegate % amount of tokens to the liquidity providers as a incentive)
A nominal amount of AZERO is also required to process Aleph Zero network fees on each trade. Most transaction costs will be very low as well.
Trader's fee - for every transaction, a fee of 0.025% of the total swapped asset will be allocated to the platform treasury vault.
The currently proposed fee structure is subject to change.