In this page, you'll find the most frequent asked questions and their answers accordingly.

What is Panorama Swap?

Panorama is an automated market maker which facilitates the permissionless swapping of digital assets on Aleph Zero blockchain. Panorama aims to be the provider of a suite of on-chain DeFi protocols, starting with Panorama Swap!
Users can swap tokens and create pools in a censorship resistant and permissionless setting
Panorama Swap allows users the chance to earn yield from staking, earn fees by providing liquidity and earn extra yield through yield farming opportunities.

How Panorama Swap raised funds?

The Panorama Swap team issued a seed event which participants could purchase PANX tokens in minimum of 500 USDC and maximum of 5,000 USDC (1 PANX = 0.1 USDC). We raised 290,000 USDC and sold 2,900,000 PANX tokens. Seed event allocation will be released to participants each day for approximately 11 months (Vesting time).

Why build on Aleph Zero?

Aleph zero stands to be one of the most innovative layer 1 smart contract solutions to date, it is prudent to build applications on a protocol such as Aleph Zero due to its incredibly fast throughput and lightning fast confirmation times as well as the privacy features which obfuscate swaps such that block producers can not re-organise transactions at the expense of users.

What is an AMM (automated market maker)?

Automated market makers are a part of decentralised exchanges that were introduced to remove any intermediaries in the trading of crypto assets. Users can create and provide to liquidity pools easily and securely.

Is yield farming an option on Panorama Swap?

Yes. Yield farming is available on Panorama Swap.

Can i stake on Panorama Swap?

Users will be able to stake their PANX tokens to earn additional yield.

Wallets supported by Panorama?

  1. 2.
    Subwallet - https://subwallet.app/
  2. 3.
    Nova wallet (Mobile, available on mainet) - https://novawallet.io/