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Welcome to Panorama Swap

Welcome to Panorama Swap's gitbook documentation page, in this page we will explain and document our product features and in-depth information including code snippets related to Panorama Swap.


Panorama Swap is an advanced automated market maker (AMM) that operates on the Aleph Zero network. Leveraging the constant product pricing mechanism, Panorama Swap offers users a fast, reliable, and user-friendly platform for asset swaps and liquidity provision. By eliminating the complexities of traditional order books, Panorama Swap simplifies the trading experience while ensuring natural price discovery. In this comprehensive article, we will delve deeper into the advantages of Panorama Swap, including its lightning speed, composability, near-zero fees, custom-built architecture, liquidity creation and provision, and asset management capabilities.

Lightning Speed Transactions on Aleph Zero:

Panorama Swap harnesses the power of Aleph Zero, a state-of-the-art layer 1 blockchain, to offer lightning-fast transaction finality in under 1.0 second. With such remarkable speed, users can execute trades and participate in the ecosystem without delays, ensuring a seamless user experience.


Unlocking DeFi Potential: One of the significant advantages of Panorama Swap is its seamless composability with other decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. Unlike networks with fragmented designs that hinder composability and increase block times, Panorama Swap is built on a cohesive framework that promotes interoperability with a wide range of DeFi protocols. This allows users to leverage the full potential of the DeFi ecosystem and explore innovative opportunities.

Near-Zero Fees:

Cost-Effective Transactions: Transaction fees on Panorama Swap are significantly lower compared to less capable blockchain protocols. By utilizing Aleph Zero's efficient infrastructure, users can enjoy near-zero fees, making it cost-effective to engage in swaps, liquidity provision, and other activities on the platform. This affordability ensures broader accessibility for users of all sizes.

Custom-Built Architecture for Optimization:

Panorama Swap has been developed from scratch, allowing the team to optimize both the smart contracts and the React framework (front-end) code specifically for the platform's requirements. This bespoke approach ensures that Panorama Swap operates at peak performance, delivering a seamless user interface and streamlined user experience.

Liquidity Creation and Provision:

Panorama Swap enables users to create liquidity pools according to their own preferences, including setting the initial price and fees. Users can establish pairs such as AZERO/PSP22 and PSP22/PSP22, facilitating the seamless trading of various assets. Additionally, users have the opportunity to contribute to existing pools and earn liquidity provider (LP) fees, further incentivizing the provision of liquidity and fostering a vibrant ecosystem.

Asset Management Made Easy:

With Panorama Swap's asset management feature, users gain comprehensive visibility and control over their PSP22 and Aleph Zero assets. Through a single-page interface, users can track and monitor their assets, simplifying portfolio management. Furthermore, the platform allows for convenient asset transfers, enhancing user flexibility and convenience.


Panorama Swap represents the next generation of automated market makers, offering users unparalleled advantages on the Aleph Zero network. With lightning-fast transactions, seamless composability, near-zero fees, a custom-built architecture, liquidity creation and provision options, and efficient asset management capabilities, Panorama Swap stands at the forefront of innovation in decentralized trading. As the platform continues to evolve, users can expect further enhancements and features that empower them to maximize their potential within the vibrant Panorama Swap ecosystem.
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